Nişantaşı Işık High School

Consultant Teacher Workshop Program

Workshops consist of 17-20 people with a duration of 2 hours and the main topics are as follows:

•Understanding of what participant teachers expect from group work.

•Training communication skill, listening skills, empathy, understanding and reflecting etc…

•Differences between “Teacher Role” and “Consultant Teacher Role”

•Determination of which students to redirect to counseling service and how to redirect them.

•Obtaining the team spirit inbetween consultant teachers in order to get support from each other.

Jewish Elementary School

Introduction to psychodrama with groups of 12-15 people. Obtaining the teachers to merge together and seminars to prepare before the new academic year.

Content of Workshop:

•To get acquainted and to merge with each other.

•Introduction to Psychodrama

•Sociodrama way to look at the difficuilties of school and educational system.

Ayazağa Işık High School

Elementary School Workshops

Workshops to evaluate the teacher communication and the interaction with the students, their parents and within themselfs. Communication with kindergarten teachers whom prepare the background for elementary teachers, maintaining the adoption process without being disconnected. For that reason, we aim to achieve the following processes with psychodrama group workshops:

•Determination of teacher’s problems

•Obtaining the kindergarten and elementary teachers to merge.

•To feature the student factor in education

•Developing teacher-student communication skills by living and internalizing with various psychodrama techniques.

Generally, the long term goal of our communication skill winning program is the applicability of obtained skills in their personal or professional (student, parent and management) relationships.

Erenköy Elementary School

Increasing the parenthood help of the students while they are coping with exam anxiety. Experimental group applications to consider the parenthood attitude as a variable which increases the exam anxiety.

Content of Workshop:

•To get acquainted with each

•Research of the problems

•Searching for solutions of problems via psychodrama in small groups.


Ayazağa Işık Elementary School

Child psychodrama seminars with guidance counselor

The workshop aims to explain the child psychodrama as a fast and effective method in psychological counseling process and get supervised with their own experiences. Presented as a 2 months program.

Yıldızlar Private College

Education for teachers, psychological counselors, janitors and other employees and educational system counseling.

Experimental workshops about the following topics have been organized and the counseling continues in the whole school structure:

•Whole school to get acquainted with each other and to merge with each other.

•Creativity and spontanity in education

•Award – punishment in education

•Necessity to experience the success


•Individual differences in learning

•Competition and constructive criticizm

•The importance of empathy in human relationship.

•Necessity of role flexibility

•Importance of protective mental health

•Importance of anxiety, control and trust trilogy

•Importance of listening and touching

•Importance of the truth that education is not a result but it is a process

•Importance of team spirit

Uğur College

Teacher Education Group Application

Following experimental group workshops are applied:

· Resolution of the communication problems within the classroom

· Success

· Dicipline

· Award – punishment relationship

· Active listening and reflecting

· Trust

· Student centered education

· Communication skills


Jewish Private High School

Child Psychodrama Education for Kindergarten, Elementary School Consultants and Class Teachers

This workshop is planned as 2 hours for 6 weeks with a total duration of 12 hours. Education about basic psychodrama techniques, child psychodrama plays and ability to work with childeren has been given and supervisedtheir work with the childeren.

Koç Private Elementary School

Teacher merging and educational program. 70 teachers have been trained about empathy, inclass communication and team building.

Teacher trainings; inclass conflict resolution, empathy, communication with student, teachers roles, creativity

Deniz Atı Schools

Teacher trainings, empathy with students, being group and cohesion, communicarion skills.

Açı Schools

Class management, pedagogy and skills trainings for teachers. Prepering the counseling program from first to eighth class with a help of psychodrama and sociodrama plays. Training the class teachers to carry out this program. Supervision of psychological counselors. Case study for teachers. School project developing workshops (reading habbits, peer solidarity, violance preventing, good communciation).

Erenköy Elementary School

Trainings for parents about coping with exam anxiety

Sev Pricate Elementary School

Teacher skills and inclass dicipling obtaining trainings.

Özel Adapazarı Enka Okulları

Middle and high school teacher trainings, supervision of school counselors and administrators.

Teacher role workshops.

Özel Mimar Sinan Koleji

Student, parent and teacher groups comparing and empathy trainings. Infamily communication and stufent success group workshops.

Şişli Terakki Vakfı Okulları

Teacher program adoptation and problem solving trainings, anti-smoking project developing workshops.

Rüştü Uzel Anadolu Lisesi

Teacher problem solving group trainings.