Selected Issues on Psychodrama

President of Istanbul Psychodarma Institute Deniz Altınay with the other Psychodramatist in the institute created the book "Selected Issues on Psychodrama"  The book have important sub issues in the field and enrich the knowledge of Psychodrama Theory and Practice.

These are the chapters ;

  • The Place and Importance of Philosophy in Psychodrama - DENİZ ALTINAY
  • Compairing Soscial Atoms amoung Psychotics, Neurotics and Normals - DENİZ ALTINAY
  • Neuropsychodrama - ESRA BİLİK
  • Indivuduel psychodrama- NEŞE KARABEKİR
  • Travmatic Life Events and Psychodrama.. ÇİĞDEM YANANER EROĞLU
  • A Psychodramatic Model for Earthquace Trauma and Preventing Trauma.. DENİZ ALTINAY
  • Therapeutic Factors in Psychodrama.. NEŞE KARABEKİR
  • Family and Couple Therapy in Psychodrama.... DENİZ ALTINAY
  • Role Testing for Marriage Prediction.. DENİZ ALTINAY
  • The Changing Character of Psychodrama, What's Next? - DAVID KIPPER
  • Response to David Kıpper Chapter - ZERKA MORENO
  • The Meaning of Inner Objects in Psychodrama .TÜLAY ARSU
  • Surplus Reality: "Encounter of Inner and Outer Realty on Stage".. BERTA MORENO
  • Warm-Up Games in Psychodrama.. ANIL ADANALI KOÇBEKER
  • Pschodrama for Special Education.. AYŞEGÜL KUMANLI