Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Journal is the publication of Istanbul Psychodrama Institute

      The aims of our journal is :

1)   To introduce group psychotherapy and psychodrama,

2)   To announce the researches and ne applications of the field,

3)   To enchance the  ideas about the field and to develop the discussion areas for the people it may concern, to the students, to the clients , to experts from the field and to the other professionals.

       The journal is a refered journal and published two times a year in Autumn and Spring

Here is the Principles and Application Requirements for the Articles and Papers:

1)    Editorial Board: Having been examined by the Editorial and Ethic Boards, papers submitted for publication will be sent to two other boards specialized on the topic. The papers should be accepted with context, meaning and ethical conditions.

2)   The responsibility fo the content of the articles and their appendices ( pictures,drawings, maps, documents etc) belongs to the author.But again it must be respectful to the human rights,  the aims of journal and the conditions of universal and ethical issues

3)   The articles should be designed with easy and clear understanding

4)   Principles of Publishing ;

5)   The Text shall be 12 font size

6)   Authors have to comply with the rules set by the TDK ( Turkish Language Society ) Spelling Guide. Please see the TDK’s web site for further information htpp:// Turkish words sould be used in stead of foreign words.

7)   The language of the journal is Turkish and English. In sending the articles and translations addition to the text itself, Turkish and English abtracts should be added, each of them not exceeding 100-150  words.  The abstracts should cover the content, aim and results fo the paper. Key words must be written in English and Turkish.

8)   References: If the papers have been taken from other resources or referred by another article,  main references should be  clearly shown.

9)   If there is a translated papers, the permission needs to be taken from the original writer and present the permission to the editorial board.

10)   More then one paper cannot be published from the same writer in the journal in one issue. But this rule is not valid if there is co-writers.

11) The papers can be sent to the Institute through email to: or

12) The writers should send their correspondings ( mail address and phone numbers) to the editorial boad.

The papers, arcticles, writings and CDs cannot be returned either they are published or not