This new group is called open groups in which adult can participate anytime. Each session starts the brief introduction by psychodramatist (Deniz Altinay) and just after the meeting people, the work is being started. The sessions start with warm up games, then if somebody from the group is ready for work, the group convert into the individual work. The group aims the volunteer participation so nobody is pushed to be in the group actively. Group members participate the sessions in order to encounter themselves and psychodrama, to analyse their relationships, to have a look in their emotional worlds and to develop some new solutions for psychological disturbances.

The group is gathered between 19.15-21.15 in every Tuesday and Thursday from September to June. The person can participate the group even only once and if he is interested in the process, he can continue his participation anytime in any frequency. In each session different subjects can be open to the members or group needs can be shaped to the open psychodrama group. You can register yourself from the link above