During the psychodrama group psychotherapy training in our Institute, trainees take compulsory 5 seminars in each level. You can find seminar titles for each levels below:

Seminars for the Basic and Advanced Level:

S1- Basic Techniques in Psychodrama

S2- Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama

S3- Role Theory and Psychopathological Disorders

S4- The Technical Analysis for a Psychodrama Session

S5- Child Psychodrama

S6- Spontaneity Training

S7- Sociodrama and Sociometry

S8-Individual Psychodrama

Elective Seminars

S9- Psychodrama in the Industrial Psychology- 

S10- Special Subjects in Psychodrama 1

S11- Spontaneity Theatre- 1-2-3

S12- Tangodrama

K1- Marrital Role Testing

K2- Family Tree-Genosociogram and Psychodrama I and II