Contemporary Approaches in Psychodrama

Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama Sociometry system in our country is developing rapidly. Psychodramatist who are graduated from the Istanbul Psychodrama Institute cooperation with the 13th specialist, this book touches very different areas and how an innovative approach to psychodrama and how applicable the results are successful is that the eyes reveal. Art of psychotherapy, philosophy of education, from schools to the theater in many different areas of the psychodrama sections will satisfy the reader . This book is for professionals working in the field, clinicians, researchers, mothers and fathers, with scientists, teachers and school administrators are in a position to shed light.

"Chapters of Contemporary Approaches to Psychodrama ":

1. "Expressive Art Psychodrama" A New System and Using A new Double in Psychodrama – Deniz Altınay
2. Tangodrama: A new Action Model in Couple Therapy – Deniz Altinay
3. Comparison of Social Atom and Family Atom of Stars’ and Negative Stars’ and Development of a Psychodramatic Model for Them - Ece Cengizalp Adanali
4. Birth Psychodrama - Neşe Karabekir
5. Amputation Trauma in Psychodrama and Farewell to the Somatic Role - Esra Bilik
3. An Analysis on the Value of the Double – Fulya Kurter
4. The Quantum Reality of Sociometry and Psychodrama – Aysin Turpoglu Celik
5. Psychodrama and Sufism ( Islamic Mysticism) – Seref Algur
6. Moment, God and Moreno: The Philosophical Discussion of God and Deification Concepts in Psychodrama and Sociometry –Bilun Altunlu Armagan
7. A Psychodramatic Treatment Model for Alexitimin – Harika Ozel
8. The Use of Genosociogram in Couple Psychodrama –Meral Yildirim Keskin
10. The Corralation between Work Place Performance and Spontaneity and Sociometry Tests – Tugba Ceritoglu Carpa
11. A Psychodramatic Model for the Treatment of Obesity –Banu Akman Sahin
12. Preventative Mental Health Care in Psychodrama and Role Testing for Marriage Prediction – Cumhur Amasyali
14. Proposal of Triadic System as an Organizational Development Model : The Sociodramatic Corporate Therapy – Mine Bas Gorgun
15. A Psychodramatic Interview with Moreno: Surplus Reality and its Role on our Encounter with our Creative Self – Seda Guldogan