I.P.I has been first established in Ankara at 1995 by Psychodrama Therapist Deniz Altınay who is the ex-general secretary of the first Group Psyhotherapy Association in Turkiye then renamed in 1997 in Istanbul as a Istanbul Psychodrama Institute. It has been honoured by given name from Zerka Moreno who is the living legend for psychodrama in 2000. IPI is the pionering to lots of new developments and applications on psychodrama field presents international diplomas accredited by FEPTO ( Federation of Psychodrama training organisations in europe) and also a formal intitional member of EAP ( european association of Psychotherapies) .  IPI  cooparating with different psychodrama institutes and associations from all over the world such as Spain, England, Australia,Argantina and USA, is also a member of BPA ( british psychodrama association) and IAGPP ( ınternational assoc.of group psychoherapies) . Company training in psychodrama, Psychodrama Group Training, Playback Theatre training, Child psychodrama and individual psychodrama training, Genosociogram family tree, tangodrama, psychodrama with familes and couples are some of the group works in the IPI.

You can see all the information about ‘ Psychodrama Group Psychothepy Training’, ‘ Playback Theatre Training and performance schedule’, Open Psychodrama Introduction workshop and IPI free conferences’, ‘national and international Links related with psychodrama’, ‘ Individual and group psychodrama works’, Tests’, ‘ Groups with special concepts^, ‘ Company and school training’, The books and sources about psychodrama’, ‘articles’, ‘ Institute bulletin’ in our web page

History of İstanbul Psychodrama Institute and International Zerka Moreno Institute
İstanbul Psychodrama Institute (IPI) is founded by Deniz Altinay, and Neşe Karabekir Ezgin in 1996. IPI is a member of ASGPP, FEPTO and EAP.
Throughout those years, psychologists and pschological counsellors are trained as psychodrama group therapist and lots of them are still in training process in different levels.
Our graduates constituded a psychodrama library with their dissertations written on contemporary issues on the area. A sample of these thesis are published as a book, a second one is on the way.
The Institude training program involves different compulsory and elective seminars on psychodrama with very novel subjects such as; Child psychodrama, individual ğsychodrama,Pregnancy psychodrama and mother & baby psychodrama, psychodrama with couples, family tree and genosociograms and psychodrama etc.
Annual Summer workshops become traditional and welcomed guest psychodramatist every year in the end of july in different places with different subjects; Zerka Moreno, David Kipper, Marcia Karp, Anna Chesner, Chris Farmer, Monica Zuretti, Sue Daniel, Jacquie Dubbs-Siroka, Marisol Bouza Filgueira, Jacob Gershoni, Laila Kjellstrom, Eva Levaton,Louise Lipman,Joseph Moreno,Christina Hagelthorn,Sue Jennings, Peter Felix Kellermann,Yacov Naor,Elaine Sachnoff, Eberhard Scheiffele, Gong Shu, Bob Siroka,Ron Wiener, Paul Wilkins,Judith Tezsary, Liz White and Jeanne Burger
Istanbul Playback Theatre Company is established in 1999 by Deniz Altinay, since then
performed at major theatres every month.


R Group & Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
R Couple & Marriage Therapy
R Individual Psychodrama
R Child Psychodrama
R Adolesence Psychodrama
R Psychodrama in Education and Companies
R Psychodrama in Pregnancy
R Mother & Baby Psychodrama
R Testing Unit
R Istanbul Playback Theatre

Institude Publications are:

· Psychodrama: 450 Warm-Up Games, Basic Techniques - by Deniz ALTINAY

· Handbook of Psychodrama Group Psyhotherapy , - by Deniz ALTINAY

· Spontaneity Theatre and Psychodrama Applications in Traditional Theater, - by Deniz ALTINAY

· Child Psychodrama,- by Deniz ALTINAY

· Selected Issues in Pyschodrama, - Edited by Deniz ALTINAY

. Contemporary Approaches in Psychodrama - Edited by Deniz Altınay

. The Moment , by Deniz Altınay